"The book cleverly combines the characters' different personality traits with a futuristic interpretation of how we might embrace multiple personality disorders. In that background, the author then tells a story of an attack on a young woman, and the subsequent “whodunnit”... it’s the characters, setting, and the clever twists and interpretations that really make the book such a good read."

"It's a very interesting read. Not like anything else I have ever read before. Completely authentic and intriguing. A must read."

​"Divided We Stand is a great story within a story. The author gives an interesting look at multiple personality disorders within the context of a dystopian thriller. The idea of integrating the disorders gives the story an outstanding baseline to view their perspectives, personalities and the plotline itself.

This is one book that will keep you guessing and thinking, which for me personally, makes the story more intriguing. From the character conflicts to the investigation, the reader will find themselves recapping action as the story progresses to understand context and impacts until they get to the end.
This is a definite must read and I would highly recommend it."